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Getting Started Without Me

Posted by in New, Threesomes | 0 comments

A spicy story about a couple named Dan and Stacy and their “friend with benefits” Jeremy.  Dan leaves Stacy and Jeremy alone while he goes to freshen up and encourages them to get started without him. The two waste no time and things get hot – FAST!

The 4 Handed Massage

Posted by in New, Threesomes | 0 comments

It’s been an exhausting and frustrating week and you’re so looking forward to the weekend. When you ask me what the plan is for Friday, I respond with “Well I have a little something planned for you tonight, if you’re open to that…” “Does it involve me being treated like a princess?” you ask? “It certainly does lover,” I reply “and it involves taking you to a level of sexual ecstasy and keeping you there until you can’t possible handle more.” “Mmm, sounds like fun,” you say. “Tell me more!”